SURPASS in the news
Luzerner Kantonsspital starts using SURPASS Digital
12 juni 2012:The Luzerner Kantonsspital is planning to start using SURPASS digital in September 2013. This was announced on the yearly Nationales Symposium für Qualitätsmanagement
Surgical checklists might cut malpractice claims
Surgical checklists not only save lives by preventing medical errors, they could also make a big dent in medical malpractice claims, Dutch researchers say.
1 Prevents adversed errors.
2 Using a validated and effective checklist
3 Offers tooling for implementing safety guidelines
4 Interoperable with most Health Information Systems(HIS) and Patient Data Management System(PDMS)
5 Track-and-trace system for patient checks during the operative process.
6 Up to date status of the checklist is available any time, anywhere
7 Easy archiving and analysis of completed checklists
8 Implementation support
9 Available for all hospitals
SURPASS keypaper in de New England Journal of Medicine
Nominatie video IGZ ZorgVeiligPrijs
SURPASS checklist wins National Safety award 2011!

The SURPASS checklist which has been developed by (amongst others) surgeon Marja Boermeerster has won the National Safety Award.This has been announces at the annual patient safety congress by the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) June 16 2011.

The board of the NVvH congratulates Marja Boermeester with this achievement.